Business Consulting


Your organization needs to make big leaps forward—often into the unknown—to remain competitive in the marketplace. Our mission is to help you drive high-impact strategic transformations by taking full advantage of exponential technology change and getting to the core of multiple issues and opportunities quickly and efficiently. Successfully providing all types of insurance, Risk Management and Claim services to our clients has always been our prime objective. With our well-reputed and satisfied clientele base and well-qualified, experienced and dynamic insurance professionals in our team, we claim to be one of the most professional insurance consultants in the market. Offering customized and innovative solution across a comprehensive range of risk with efficient and effective risk management is our unique expertise.


Our team of Re-/insurance veterans can assist you to design and place your treaty programs both conventional and Takaful. We have access to the world’s best-rated markets through our international partner consultants & reinsurance brokers.

Health Insurance

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing and workers around the world have vastly different needs and expectations of their employer benefits. We provide consulting, and exchange solutions that help clients mitigate rising healthcare costs and improve employee health and well-being. Our consulting capabilities bring deep subject-specific expertise across the entire category of health, enabling us to develop scalable solutions for employers off all sizes and sectors. We deliver a turnkey solution. We have the consulting expertise and administrative resources to plan, design, execute and deliver your health benefits strategy. Our actuarial, medical, clinical, and legal expertise and influence with national carriers enable us to help you manage health care costs through a combination of approaches, including continued cost shifting and tougher negotiations with health plans.

Risk Management

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise enable our clients to cover their complex risks while partnering with specialist insurance markets around the world. Our dedicated team of consultants caters to the holistic requirements of mega enterprises be it identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities. We tailor our risk management solutions based on a thorough understanding of your risk profile and objectives.

Risk Assessment

Our cornerstone in Risk services is ability to Predict the icebergs coming ahead we call it Risk Assessment. We proactively with the help of scientific tools available conduct Risk Audits and define potential future Risks. Our team comprising of professional risk evaluators & management experts prepare the assessment.

Risk Reduction

Once the possible hurdles are assessed in length the customer is made aware and recommended with prudent advice, we call it preparing the client against odds. This part of strategy significantly reduces the financial impact of perils.

Risk Transfer/Mitigation

After Predicting the risks and Preparing the client’s environment proactively the client is assisted with loads of pertinent advisory which remarkably improves coverages against pre-defined perils, we call it Protection phase. When Risk is Predicted pro-actively and customer is Prepared prudently now is the time to feel the comfort of reduction in financial impact with professionally advised comprehensive Protection insurance plan from any desired carrier.

Claims Management & Negotiations

We provide industry-focused consulting and claims advocacy services to help reduce our clients’ total cost of risk. To further support our clients' strategic, operational, and risk management goals, we provide consulting and claims advocacy, Tracking, Recovery, Legal advocacy and Health Claims Management services through dedicated global risk specialties and industry practices. Our team applies deep experience and knowledge of clients' industries to provide broad-based risk coverage and reduce our clients’ total cost of risk.

Business Management

Individuals, businesses, and organizations that require a unique and custom approach to their accounting, financial management, bookkeeping & Tax advisory, we advise these clients on entity type and finance function; we offer comprehensive bookkeeping tax advisory services. If you wish to set up a business and form a company in Pakistan, UAE, Turkey and Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC), BS team is the one you need the most to engage. Our team will assist you to